Intensive Outpatient

Currently, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is provided on Monday through Thursday: 8am to 4pm; Friday and Saturday: 8am to 12pm. This includes scheduled group time, lectures, life skills, and individual sessions led by both psychologists and counselors.

During the treatment, the client and their assigned LADC will work on a treatment plan and goals. If the client needs more services, we may request more hours of treatment or individual therapy with on-site mental health providers. We base our services on individual progress and needs, and sometimes clients will benefit for more treatment than originally projected. The typical trajectory of our program lasts eight to twelve weeks.
We offer intensive outpatient treatment at our Delano location. This program is also available with a lodging component, as described in Intensive Outpatient with Lodging at both our Saint Louis Park and Delano locations.